Vimana is the Sanskrit word for ‘starship’.  It is interesting to
know that descriptions of starships appear in the ancient
Vedas of India. Highly advanced civilizations from other
planets have been visiting us for a long long time! 

These advanced cultures know that when spiritual growth proceeds 
alongside scientific progress then a civilization will 
continue to thrive and peacefully prosper for thousands of years.


Vimana is your gateway to many experiences!
Would you like to receive valuable information in the form of a reading
 based on your Vedic Astrological chart and insightful intuitive guidance?

Do you want to attend enlightening conferences
 and learn innovative information regarding the truth about 
UFOs, higher consciousness, prophecy, natural healing,
 repressed history, new science and more?

Would you like to wear unique jewelry that not only
 looks beautiful but also corresponds to your own astrological chart? 

Imagine decorating your home or office with visionary art 
that transports you to a higher state of mind?

We would love to share all these things with you and more!


Serena teaches about ‘Soul Family’.  This means that we find ourselves 
connecting together with like-minded friends and feel like family,
 even though we may not be related in this life.  
We are excited to share information and inspiration
 to infuse our lives and our planet because we have
 previously planned to reunite in this lifetime. 
Therefore, Serena is always connecting people 
with each other, producing events and networking.

Welcome to the Soul Family!

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Many people have experienced upliftment and healing
energy by having one of Douglas Taylor's paintings
in their homes. Some have said that by just seeing some
of his art even awakens memories of a cosmic past and
our desire to evolve and return to our advanced star systems!










The Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo,
will be in its 17th year, is a 3-day celebration of evolution, awareness, health & spirituality.
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