Using Astrology in These Times
By Serena Wright

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At the present time in our evolution on this planet, we are beginning to see astrology as the true science it really is. Many people no longer consider it 'fortune telling' but a path by which we may actually become the architects of our own destiny. Our astrological chart is a blueprint of our consciousness up to the completion of our last life as well as a manifestation of the choices we have made, in spirit, for the next steps on our journey.

The path of our spiritual progress is joyful and exciting when we can see the complete picture. Whereas when we focus only on a part of our life that may not be going very well and try to push and fight against it, it can be very frustrating. This is usually when we go to an astrologer or psychic and ask, "Why is this happening?" and " When will it be over?" A wise astrologer or intuitive counselor will alert us to which areas of our life need healing. This may not be what we want to hear at the time, but it is usually the quickest way to get the result we want!

These days we are expanding our awareness about the world in general and asking the same questions about why this is happening and when it will be over. It is good that we are now validating our link with the rest of the world and thinking about healing problems on a larger scale. However I suggest we still look within ourselves to see what needs healing in order to actually summon the power for positive change in the larger world. Jupiter is exalted in the sign of Cancer, according to Vedic or sidereal astrology from July 2002 until August 2003; this creates an influx of compassionate healing energy to support our activities.

The inauspicious eclipse in June 2002 brings in its wake the obvious need for major change from deep within our hearts. The old ways will not work anymore. As I mentioned earlier, our spiritual evolvement is joyful and exciting, and this will be seen, but with any process of healing, it appears to get worse before it gets better. This is a time to ask ourselves questions such as these:
In past lives could I have been one of those people on the 'wrong side' and caused harm to other people?
Could I have lived during some of the great civilizations on this planet, and can I bring some of that wisdom to my present life?
Where and from which body of knowledge do I find my greatest inspiration? Can I accept that other people may get their inspiration elsewhere?
Are there some hidden truths, which are about to be revealed that would change the world, and will I recognize them as true?

The year 2002 also has Uranus strongly in Aquarius according to the sidereal zodiac. Everything is ready for positive change and enlightenment! It is certainly possible to be an architect of your own destiny. If we don't take positive action we will only be pushed back and forth by our own karma and may cause us to fall into activities that create even more karma.

I suggest living in balance by dividing your life into thirds: one-third work, one-third service and spiritual activities, and one-third recreation and relaxation. This helps us to think about why we are here, and also to be a good example to others.

On a personal level I am happy to have the opportunity to help others get in balance with these times and help them recognize and remove blocks that have caused painful patterns in the past. I have gone through many challenges in this life and others. We always have the choice to be a victim or climb up to the next step.

I have found that through Vedic astrology, inner guidance, and years of spiritual practice I can usually get a clear picture of a person's life choices and help them feel better about their situation. We magnetize people and situations into our lives that match our state of being. Once we have healed and recovered from past traumatic events, bad choices, and negative beliefs, we are free to move forward with clear and positive perception. This brings the most wonderful results, which previously we may have thought too good to be true, for ourselves and the world.


"Call of Home" copyrighted by Ann Van Eps. Reprinted with permission.