Crop Circles: Signs of the Times
by Serena Wright

As I was sitting In the 'Red Lion' in the town of Avebury, seeing the ancient stone circle surrounding us and a crop circle across the street, I reflected on how I had got there and what an amazing set of circumstances had to occur for everything to happen with such perfect timing! Sitting with me were Colin Andrews, one of the first and foremost crop circle researchers, Bettye Binder, author and past life regression therapist, and Lynn Gladwyn, writer and researcher, the perfect companions for my first visit to crop circles. It goes to show that we may make plans, but our guides and mentors on the other side may have even better plans for us than we could possibly imagine. Recently I gained a very special spirit guide; it is my mother, who passed away, but is now always with me. She had a lot to do with the trip going so well. I was in England to clear out our house and get it rented, but right in the middle of all this work I clearly knew that we would go to Glastonbury and Avebury and also see crop circles.

Our group at the "Red Lion"

The Synchronicity of Spirit

Bettye, who was travelling with me, had never driven a car in England nor had I, yet still we had planned to learn how to do it in one afternoon then leave Brighton for the west country for four days and see as many crop circles as we could. This was quite a scary prospect for us, let alone the fear it would have put into British drivers! However, spirit had other plans. The taxi driver we had been using in Brighton introduced us to Lynn Gladwyn who lived nearby. She is seventy-four, but you would not believe it, she is so youthful and energetic. She has been bringing members of the Seneca tribe to England for tours and has worked with David Icke and Colin Andrews among others. It was like meeting an old friend, and she immediately offered to drive us to Glastonbury; this solved the driving dilemma. She also knows all the farmers on whose land crop circles are likely to appear, so it would be no problem getting permission to enter the fields.

What are Crop Circles?

For the sake of our readers who may not be familiar with crop circles I will give a brief overview here. Crop circles are formations found in fields of wheat, barley, or other crops that take the form of sacred geometry, ancient hieroglyphics, advanced mathematics, and beautiful patterns. They are mostly found in England close to the sacred sites and ley lines, but they have also appeared all over the world and even in ice. Witnesses have observed that they appear very quickly, even in a matter of seconds. The wheat stalks bend over and still continue to grow. Scientists have discovered that this could have been done by intense heat applied for a split second. People who have tried to fake crop circles can only break the wheat by crushing it with planks of wood.

These patterns have become more intricate over the years. They used to be simple circles. When I was growing up they were called fairy rings. People used to think it was the weather that caused them. There is a drawing from 1678 called 'The Mowing Devil' showing the devil busy making a crop circle. The article accompanying this drawing talks about strange lights in the sky over the field where this occurred.

Language that Speaks to the Soul

If a more advanced civilization wanted to contact us in a very peaceful way what would they do? There is a saying in India that the sage should have so much humility that he should consider himself more humble than the straw on the ground. To put messages in the straw in fields is certainly a very non-invasive way to communicate! It is as if they are saying, "Here is something that will help you. If you want to expand your awareness look at our expression of communication; if not we will be back next year and you may be more ready to understand."

This is a very historic time to be living on this planet. We are entering a time when we will become aware of other dimensions. You will notice it is becoming easier to have psychic ability, to communicate with those who have passed over, to have 'out of body' experiences and to have a sense of purpose. More people are feeling they have a 'mission' beyond just living a 'good life'. I think that is why the crop circles are becoming more expressive and bigger than ever before. They seem to contain the Sacred Language, that which speaks to the soul. They may contain the keys to the next step in our evolution, which may be a little uncomfortable at first, but just like a baby bird being pushed out of the nest we will learn to fly, and be very glad we did.

The Devil's Den

There was a particular crop circle in Marlborough, Wiltshire this year that was given the name 'the Devil's Den' because that is the name of an ancient group of rocks where the design appeared. When I heard that name I knew that it must be a special site of ancient pagan ritual, probably very spiritually powerful; the structured church named it the Devil's Den to keep people away from it with the fear that the Devil will get them. I was right, it was a very blessed and powerful place.

Formation known as the Devil's Den. You can see
the crop circle on the hill behind it.

This crop circle could not be seen from the road. After getting permission from the farmer, Lynn, Bettye, and I began a long trek down a hill with bushes on either side of it. I began to hear my spirit guides telling me that this was part of an initiation for me. We had to find our way through a field of cows, and were still not able to see the crop circle. Our next obstacle was a field of long damp grass; this looked like fun to me, then I heard a crunch under foot and realized that the grasses were crowded with colorful snails of all shapes and sizes! I happen to have always loved playing with snails as a child. I used to paint their shell-houses, take them for picnics in my garden, and I even built an insect church for them and all the insects to visit. So you can imagine what a long time it took to get through this field as I moved all the snails on our path out of harm's way.

The trek was well worth all the trouble. As I climbed over the style into the wheat field there lay the most beautiful crop circle I had ever seen. When you see a real crop circle you first feel it in your heart. My first thought on seeing one was, " I haven't been left alone here on this planet, they are sending letters from home!" Walking into a crop circle is like getting a letter from Home! This circle was about 250 feet in diameter, a six-pointed star containing rows of circles, with diamond shapes in between the points to create another six pointed shape. Bettye and I took out our pendulums. They swung in the same direction as the lay of the crop. The whole area was full of energy, and a feeling of the presence of great angelic beings surrounding us was overwhelming.

The Portal and the Pyramid

The tip of one of the stars pointed to the group of rocks that made up the 'Devil's Den'. I felt pulled in that direction and we went over to explore it. It felt like an interdimensional portal. "That's why there are so many etheric beings here, they must come through this portal," I thought. I climbed through it twice, and on looking up I found a hollow pyramid cut into the rock above my head. For a second I could see how it looked about 4,000 years ago, covered with sacred symbols and surrounded by other similar rock formations. How interesting that the crop circle appeared here. Could it be to bring people to this sacred site to reactivate the portal?

We explored many other crop circles this year in England. I also visited the healing waters of Chalice Well and the White Water Well in Glastonbury. It was a time of empowerment and initiation that my mother had helped orchestrate from the other side. For all those who have lost someone in this world, know that there are many ways they will show their presence. They especially will enjoy being with you in things you love doing, and they will celebrate your spiritual progress. It does not matter if they did not appear to be spiritually evolved in this life, from above you can see a lot more!

Even if you are not able to visit a crop circle, we can meditate on the pictures of them and see if it brings a realization of higher awareness. There are many tools we can use to help us remove blocks. In my astrology readings I tune in to what you need right now to move forward to a place of inner peace, happiness, and healing. I always work on healing and empowering different aspects of myself so that my service to others will be of the highest quality.