Know Your Power Colors and Gem Stones
Ancient Wisdom to Brighten Your Life!

By Serena Wright-Taylor

Since ancient times colors and gems have been used to enhance our energy. To help heal, empower us or subdue a negative influence in our astrological chart. From choosing the best colors for that important interview or special date, to deciding which jewelry is best for you, knowing more about this ancient science can help you create amazing changes in your life!

How can colors influence us?

When you really think about it, how can they NOT influence us! The police usually give more tickets to people with red cars and people with red cars tend to be more ‘firey’ and in a rush, usually having a strong influence from Mars or the Sun. Eye hospitals use green in their décor because green is the most restful color to the eyes. Green also is the color for Mercury and the color of healing and unconditional love. You will notice many other instances like this as you get to know the ‘feel’ and corresponding planet to each color. I have included a little chart to portray this. This chart shows the color for each day of the week. This is a useful tool to start using color and gems in your life.

Gems have a resonance, just as the planets do. A Greek word for the planets is ‘acousmata’ the resonant ones. Astrology is not about the gravity of a planet; it is the resonance. In the ancient Vedic Scriptures, especially in the Ayur Veda and the Jyotir Veda there is a wealth of information on using gems and colors for healing. There are also sounds and Mantras for each planet, it is helpful to say the mantra of the planet when first putting on a Vedic gemstone, it is also recommended to choose the day that is ruled by that particular planet as the first day to wear the gem.

An example of the successful use of colors

My client Andrea had a problem. Even though being smart, detail oriented and having a great personality she was still not getting a job! She had been going on interviews for weeks, and I had been guiding her to the best times for her job search, but to no avail. I asked her what she was wearing to the interviews, she had been wearing a black suit which looked very neat and business like. However, this was possibly the problem. Andrea has a strong Saturn which has helped her a lot in life, doing well in school, saving money and disciplining herself, but the Saturn energy was pervading too strongly in her interviews because of wearing all black, a color for Saturn. She was coming across as someone too authoritarian and cold, which is not at all like her.

I suggested a warm beige color, close to yellow sapphire, the gem for Jupiter, with a more feminine silk blouse to bring in the influence of Venus. She was in a period of Venus at the time. I am happy to say that she soon got a great job and her boss is a very ‘Jupitarian’ kind of gentleman, philanthropic and caring to his employees. This is a typical example of how using color along with your astrology can be a great benefit!


Sunday Sun Red Ruby
or Garnet

Monday Moon White Pearl

Tuesday Mars Orange Red Coral

Wednesday Mercury Green Emerald
or Peridot

Thursday Jupiter Yellow or Beige Yellow Sapphire
Or Citrine
Friday Venus White or Pastels Diamond
White Sapphire

Saturday Saturn Blue or Black Blue Sapphire
Or Lapis

Using this table as a tool, you will find that it helps to wear the color of the day, especially if you have something important to do! For example, if you have an important meeting on Monday you could wear a white cotton shirt or blouse to bring in the ruling planet of the day, the Moon. You will notice that White is also the color for Friday, but there is a slight difference, Venus represents white silks, rich fabrics in pastels or sparkly materials and more jewelry!

Tricks of the Trade

You have to collect some money owed to you, would you wear the colors of Venus? No! Not even if it’s a Friday, the energy would be too casual and social, it would be best to wear blue or black the colors of Saturn. Saturn says to the person ‘this is authority speaking’ or ‘it is time to be responsible’.

The best days to travel are Monday and Wednesday and the worst times are Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon. For a big trip I would suggest consulting a Vedic astrologer. I do a lot of work in this area. I help my clients choose the best days to fly according to their own astrological chart, the Moon’s constellation and the general aspects of the day, it is much more fine tuned than just choosing the best day of the week. This reduces a lot of the worries in traveling these days.

For an exam, wear green and blue to help you think clearly and boost your memory. When you have to lead a group, wear a little red to emphasize the energy of the Sun, the planet of leadership. However, too much red can be too confrontational and overwhelm the others.

If you know that you have a favorable astrological aspect on a particular day, such as Venus conjunct Moon, wear those colors and see what happens, it really makes a difference, you will shine!

Important note; A man is blessed by giving gifts to a worthy lady on a Friday, it’s true! (Diamonds of course, work best)

Let’s clear away some past karma!

If there is a weak planet in your chart, it is recommended to choose the day of that particular planet to do some service, spiritual work or healing. We all have different kinds of challenges due to our karma from past life times, our chart shows our consciousness from our past life and what challenges and lessons will appear in this life to work through those issues. Wearing a particular gem will help also, but it is important to get astrological advice about this. Wearing the wrong gem could make matters worse be increasing the power of a harmful planet, and that is not much fun!

For example, if you have Mars in it’s debilitation sign it would be a good idea to have Tuesday as the day you fast or eat simply, do something to help another person, study and consult with a spiritual teacher or healer. This helps to nullify the adverse effects of the past karma. Would it be better to do these things without an ‘ulterior motive’? Yes, but the ‘old’ karma needs to be worked out in order to free your mind and consciousness to concentrate more easily on the brighter and higher aspects of existence. It would not necessarily be helpful to wear red coral for a debilitated Mars unless it is your ruling planet. I would study your chart and most likely suggest enhancing the energy of a benefic planet and suggesting ways to heal suppressed anger from the past, since it is Mars we are using in this example.

Once you have had a Vedic Astrological reading you will be able to go further with this information. You will find out your strongest and weakest planets and different time periods in your life that are ruled by these planets. Thus by wearing a particular gem during its corresponding period we can strengthen a weak area in our life or enhance a good influence even more!
It is best that your astrological gems are not heat-treated; to be sure of this you can get them from a Graduate Gemologist.

Whether using this information simply for your daily colors or exploring the power of healing gems through a Vedic reading, I hope this knowledge will enhance your life and bring you many blessings.

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"Call of Home" copyrighted by Ann Van Eps. Reprinted with permission.