Got Karma?

By Serena Wright Taylor

No more karma, is it possible?

In this article Serena will show us how to and work with our karma to create the best results! Something we all need.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have no more karma! If we could get rid of personal karma as well as ‘group’ karma the world would be a much better place! However, we ARE in school here. The whole point of prophecy or predictions is to WARN us of the direction things will go if we continue on a present path, there is always an option to CHANGE our path and avoid dire predictions from actually happening. This is true both as a planet, country and in your own personal life. I see this by using astrology as well as many years of study and practice on the spiritual path. We can make a huge difference by using our free will!

I will explain more about free will later in the article. However, most of the time we are either suffering or enjoying the results of our prior activities that is what karma is all about; cause and effect. We create an activity, which is the cause, and eventually the effects of this activity will come full circle and return to us. It is a Law of Nature.

There are some periods in life when you notice more aggravation and stress, even if you don’t seem to be doing anything to cause this to happen at the time. These are periods when we are ‘burning off’ previous karma. Even if you have been really really good in this life and done nothing but help people you will STILL experience some challenging times due to karma that has been lying in ‘seed’ from previous life times. Such periods as these can be easily seen in advance through a Vedic Astrology reading. I find this to very helpful. Prior knowledge can help us understand the lesson in advance and therefore be more easily able to handle the time periods.

Can we Change our Karma?

There are some events which are predestined and not a lot could be done to change them. For example the time of death; there may be two or three possible times in our lives when we are likely to pass. Our practicing healthy habits can certainly extend our life to one of the latter possible times. We also have a choice to spiritualize our life and therefore transition peacefully to a higher dimension.

Here is a meaningful story that has been passed down in India;

A prince was walking in the gardens of the palace and he suddenly saw death personified with his hands outstretched as if to capture him! The prince was terrified so he ran to his father the king.

He said “give me your fastest horse I must get out of here immediately, I saw death lurking in the palace grounds about to grab me!”

The king gave his son the best horse and the prince galloped a long way, all the way to another kingdom where he sat in the town square relieved that he was now safe. However, he looked up and there was Death again about to grab him!

The prince cried “How is it that you are here? I saw you in the palace grounds trying to catch me!”

Death replied “No, my dear Prince, I was simply throwing my hands up in surprise to see you there as I knew I was supposed to meet you tonight in THIS city!”

There are many things that CAN be changed in our lives and those are the things to focus on and work with. Knowledge is power and when you seek true knowledge the teachers and information will also find its way to you! This is why astrology is so helpful. I don’t look on it as ‘fortune telling’ but I see it as a valuable tool to know timing and energies around us to help us create and manifest the highest good in any situation.

Did You Come Here to Help?

There is a popular belief in the New Age community that we are from higher spiritually advanced planets and have come to this world to help at this crucial time of spiritual awakening. From my studies and meditations I believe this to be TRUE for many of us. However, we didn’t just arrive yesterday in our space ship! We have actually had many life times already in this material world and have been automatically attracting both good and bad karma as we go along. I’m sure we were warned about this before we came! However in our enthusiasm to come and take part in the spiritual upliftement of this ‘free will’ planet we did not realize that we would actually ‘forget’ who we are, spiritual beings in a human body.

The more strongly we progress on our spiritual path the more we will be able to engage our free will. The notion that you cannot change an event but can change your reaction to it is quite true. Sometimes we can change an event but such a feat requires our FULL knowledge of our spirit self and our desire and action to be totally FREE OF EGO. I learnt all about this in a wonderful class. The class didn’t take place in this world but it was one of those wonderful experiences when we find ourselves learning from a Great Spirit Guide. I believe many of us go to these classes at night while we are asleep. Sometimes we remember and sometimes not, but our higher self always gets the lesson! (You’ll remember it when you need it!)

A Cosmic Secret!

When this particular ‘cosmic class’ happened I was asleep in the town of Carpinteria, California. I have found this to be a spiritually charged area with remnants of the ancient Lemurian energy. While asleep I found myself in a cosmic school with other members of my ‘Soul Family’. The great spiritual teacher was very tall and glowing. He was teaching us how to heal people and also an amazing skill of putting broken and bombed out buildings back together. It involved adjusting time itself and also using tremendous power by bringing kundalini energy up and letting it out through our eyes. He said ‘You can do this; the secret is to do it without ego!’

On waking up I began trying to use the same spiritual skills I had been practicing on the ‘other side’ but alas as soon as I was back in my ‘material body’ the results did not work out in the same way!

It is hard to give up ego but it helps if you think about your real spiritual nature as ‘real ego’ and your identification with your temporary material body as ‘false ego’. It is only the false ego that we need to let go of. By taking part in spiritual activities and studying spiritual concepts we identify more and more with our real spiritual self rather than the false ego that limits us. In this way we transcend karma.

Three Kinds of Karma

The word ‘karma’ is from the Sanskrit language and originates from the ancient Vedas. We tend to generalize the word ‘karma’ however; the Vedas explain about three divisions of karma;

Karma; Activities and work that help you progress both spiritually and materially by following your own nature and position in life. Therefore resulting in a higher birth in the next life.

Vikarma; Activities that create negative results and harm to yourself and others therefore resulting in a more difficult lifetime in the future.

Akarma; This means ‘no karma’. Some people think Akarma means to do nothing but this is not true! There is actually a way of transcending both good AND bad karma and therefore not having to keep going through cycles of birth and death. This is done by spiritualizing your activities and acting without ego.

Being in a state of ‘Akarma’ is not an easy thing to do, but here is where we can use our free will. The INTENT behind our actions is very important! For instance a simple example would be a person who gives huge amounts of money to charity but only does it to gain name and fame, while another person discreetly gives a lot of time, money or energy in service to others without any desire for recognition. This is a very basic example.

An even better example of ‘Akarma’ would be someone who is dedicated to raising the consciousness of everyone on the planet without any desire for personal gain.

We are not all saints and sages yet! However, I know that if you are attracted to reading these kinds of articles it is very likely that you are an advanced spiritual being who, as we said before has “come here to help”. The more we practice ‘remembering’, whether through meditation, healing work, past life therapy or our own spiritual studies, the more we will be able to use our free will and rise above both good and bad karma.

Vikarma, or ‘bad karma’ is accumulated by causing harm or distress to other living beings. This world is a place of action rather than stagnation. This is how it is meant to be. However, by going about our daily activities we can’t help but cause some pain to the beings we share the planet with, even if we are vegetarian and try to live a simple life. The secret is to ‘spiritualize’ our activities. It always comes back to this. We are spiritual by nature. Our true selves know everything! We also never die and we are completely happy in this true spirit self.

How to spiritualize your activities? You may already be doing this naturally in your own way. Here are five suggestions that may be helpful:

Using your intuition; When you use your intuition as well as your common sense in making decisions you will find that you make better choices that honour your true self. You are identifying with your spirit as well as your brain.

Healing anger from the past: Make sure you are not still carrying around anger from previous situations in this life as well as past lives. Even if we forgive others we often tend to not forgive ourselves. This could manifest in illnesses. We also punish ourselves by NOT CHOOSING THE BEST AND HIGHEST GOOD FOR OURSELVES! Clearing up the past really makes a huge difference and can catapult us forward with our spiritual progress.

When in doubt choose unconditional love; Our spirit guides and angels are always in the space of unconditional love. If you treat yourself lovingly you will automatically be in the space of love for others also. My guides like to remind me that we are just the same as they are except that we chose to come here and experience the ‘forgetfulness’ of who we really are! Finding that space of unconditional love within you will help you identify with yourself and others as true spiritual beings.

Inquire from advanced spiritual teachers; A true spiritual teacher is wise and yet humble. He or she teaches by example rather than only precept. In this age many of our great teachers have passed on, but they have left with us their books and wisdom. A good spiritual book helps you remember what you already know. You will find a lot of things to talk about and discuss in each chapter. You may know or find a wonderful present day teacher; however, remember that we are here to work towards our own realizations not to follow blindly. Expecting another person to ‘save’ us causes emptiness and fear.

Do things that bring you joy! Our joyful emotions are close to our spirit self. This is different from just being happy with a fleeting experience or acquisition. You know when you are feeling spiritual joy; you feel ‘tuned in’ to spirit! I find it through dance and music. What is YOUR Joy?

It is not only our actions which influence and affect others and our karma, the frequency of our energy is even stronger than our activities. Our positive or negative energy will even influence what we do next! Our positive spiritual connection guides us to no longer produce karma or vikarma but to NO MORE KARMA or ‘akarma’

I hope this information has helped you to have a better understanding of karma. I will see you in the ‘Cosmic Classes’ on the higher planes. We will see what changes we can make in our lives and in the world!

I look forward to connecting with you even sooner through a psychic reading and Vedic Astrology consultation.

"Call of Home" copyrighted by Ann Van Eps. Reprinted with permission.