Talks with George Harrison
Information from the Other Side to Help Us on This Side

By Serena Wright Taylor

I haven’t thought of myself as a medium. I give readings in a clairvoyant way and through using the wonderfully accurate science of Vedic Astrology. I get messages from my Spirit Guides and sometimes a deceased relative of the client will come in and say a few words or even a deceased pet has come in, which is usually a nice surprise for the client and for me too! Since my mother died I have been getting messages from her and this has been wonderful and quite funny sometimes, but I never even expected to hear from George Harrison!

I will tell you how it all began. Back in the 70s I had met George a few times and had cooked Indian vegetarian food for him too. I was living in a beautiful manor house, outside London, that George had bought for the Hare Krishna Temple. George could be called my god-brother because we were studying under the same guru, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami.

Our guru had actually said he considered George a god-brother to himself, which meant they were equals, although George was very humble and would never think so. It was nice to come into the temple and see George sitting to the side quietly chanting, it was also nice getting the plates back after George had eaten and seeing which of my preparations he had enjoyed! He seemed to really like a rich vegetable dish I made; cauliflower and potatoes fried in ghee (clarified butter), in a spicy, sour cream sauce.

After leaving the temple years ago and living in California, I had not seen George for a while, but amazingly I got to know his sister Lou. Lou is an effervescent, wonderful lady in her 70’s who really wants to unite the world as much as she can through connecting ‘Beatle People’ to come together for peace and ecological balance. She has often been misunderstood, but I know her as a very selfless person. She did get to see George in hospital in New York and he said ‘I wish I had helped you more’.

Not long after George had passed on, a friend of mine, who had introduced me to Lou called me to tell me that the producers of “Beyond’ are trying to get Lou to go on the show so that James van Praagh can bring George through to talk to her. We all admire James immensely but we also knew that there’s no way George would want to come through on television like that. My friend said that Lou really wants to talk to George, he said to me “you give wonderful readings, why don’t YOU talk to George for her?”
I said “no way, why would George want to come through me, I don’t usually do readings like that!”

As I put the phone down an amazing thing happened. I could hear George’s voice in my head, very clearly his voice and accent, I grabbed a piece of paper and started writing, no sooner had I thought of a question and he would answer it. I emailed the first page to Lou and before I’d got a reply another five pages got written and I was in another state of consciousness! When I first started doing this it was hard to relate to doing mundane things around the house, I think not much cleaning got done for the first three days of channeling!

A couple of months before this happened I had been talking with George in dream state. During the time just before he died I woke up one morning and said to my husband “I have been talking with George Harrison for hours, but I can’t remember a thing!” After he had passed on I had another dream where he gave me information about the ‘other side’ it was also quite funny too. I was sitting at a long table in a nice manor house; it seemed to be a kind of dinner event. I did not realize I was dreaming and seeing George opposite me I got into an interesting spiritual conversation. Suddenly I realized what was happening, I stood up and very excitedly said “Oh my goodness! Your dead aren’t you!” It was a really odd way for me to put it and George thought it was very funny. I then got a piece of paper and pencil and said “ I’m so excited, I give spiritual classes and it would help so much if you would help me teach people about the ‘other side’”

George looked at me and at the paper and said in his relaxed, casual voice “but you can’t take that with you”. How silly I was to think I could bring back a piece of paper with notes!

The next minute we were in a beautiful garden and people were admiring the flowers, candles and rocks in the garden. I was shown that this is a world between worlds where those that have passed over can come and see all the flowers and offerings that friends and relatives have given them, but here the flowers stay fresh and the notes become written on beautiful rocks and stones. A lady was bending down and showing a little girl, a small garden that was made for her. It was a very happy place and everything is so totally ALIVE it is hard to put into words. There is no sense of time, such total peace and tranquility.

Then I thought I was waking up and coming back, I heard some music in the room and thought that my husband was playing a tape. Then I realized that we don’t even have that tape, it was Bhaktivedanta Swami singing beautiful Sanskrit prayers, this one was describing the Spiritual World where there are trees that give any fruit you desire and cows that give abundant milk. Then I really woke up and the room was quiet, I realized that George had answered my question about the ‘other side’ in a way that I would be sure to know that I wasn’t just ‘dreaming’.

I will now follow with some of the conversations I have had with George since his passing and hope this will be helpful to you. I very strongly got the message that we will not discuss his personal life or family. I’m sure that they are getting their own wonderful messages and contacts with George. The messages I got for his sister were meant just for her. My position is to learn and help others to learn how to raise our consciousness and understanding that life is eternal. We a pure spirit and we are by nature also full of knowledge and happiness and we can actually reach an understanding of that in this lifetime.

In these conversations, I am ‘S’ and George is ‘G’:

G: There’s no right or wrong, ‘wrong’ is not going towards the light, towards God, that’s all, doing things that don’t benefit you. There are so many religions and no real path anymore. Too much dogma, you know. There’s no dogma here, it’s just here and now. There are many great teachers, it’s the same, and it’s all the same. The world is very confused. I don’t think you can do much about it, you can just work with yourself and keep going how you’re going.

I’m still learning, I’m always learning, you know. I would have been there longer if I’d looked after the body, but it’s OK I do much more now. I’m talking to a few people. You can write that down. ( this is a joke referring to the dream when I was trying to write down what he said, thinking I could take the paper with me!)

S: How do I know this is real?

G: Well it’s as real as we can do. If I was to appear in some vision with blue smoke all around would people believe that! It’s the best we can do. There’s no right or wrong, just be sincere. It’s not the dogma, it’s what we feel inside, you know.

S: Any other messages?

G: I’m giving messages to others, it’s all right, and we can do this again. Thanks for helping, we can make a change. Blessings. Jai! (Sanskrit; victory)

This was the end of my first message, after I had got information for his sister. The next day he continued:

S: You wanted to say something about different levels of consciousness?

G: People are at different levels of realization and we have to respect that. Some people are at the same level on the path, there are some a bit behind you and some ahead of you. The world is a school for everyone. You have to let them be, let them be in their life, not interfere. If you interfere with others you are resisting looking at yourself, that’s all.

S: That’s like the verse in Bhagavad-Gita that says to see equally the Brahmin, the cow, the elephant, the dog and the dog-eater…

G: Seeing the soul is the same in everybody, in knowing that, you can give them all respect. Many people give their pets more respect than other people.

S: Some people act worse than animals, like drinking beer all day, not doing anything….

G: Well, that’s ‘society’, maybe that person would be happier chopping wood or something, but where’s the wood? It’s the way society is set up. They are fish out of water, we all are, until we find our spiritual essence anyway.

S: Do you want to say something about women?

G: Women are more open and intuitive. Women are supposed to be equal, but in a lot of ways they’re better….they are going to think YOU put this part in! People should listen to women and men both, but what women say is not respected, their intuition is not respected and after all, it’s half the world we’re talking about! I’m not just talking about religions, but it’s a major issue in religions and you know that.

S: What about music?

G: It’s important that all people listen to all kinds of music, everywhere. It can change the consciousness. Some people see colors come out of music, it can shift the consciousness. All music is spiritual, yes, we have the higher sound vibration, like the Sanskrit mantras that can change the very molecules of the body, but all music is spiritual. All people should get to hear music and higher sound vibrations.

S: Isn’t some music noisy and lower in consciousness?

G: Yes, but can we call that music? (laughing). It’s the intention behind it. Some people can play beautiful music that opens the mind, then hypnotize people and take advantage of them. Some people play ‘bad’ music but with a good message. The intention comes through on the sound vibration.

Some people chanted and chanted but did some very strange things didn’t they? What were they thinking when they were chanting? There was no intent, no connection with God there.

There’s music that can change the whole world if they heard it. Again, going back to different levels of souls on the planet, you just can’t force somebody to ‘upgrade’ as it were. They have to reach their realization from their own experience. Music helps. Music should be played more in schools, and taught of course. It should be played in the background, at recess, things like that.

S: What kind of music?

G: Classical, Spiritual, World music, Beatles (laughing) anything that helps them, you know.

S: Do you still play music?

G: Yes, but I don’t really need an instrument. It’s hard to put into words. It’s like I AM music. The essence of everything starts with sound, that’s why it’s the most powerful thing.

S: I remember that’s what Prabhupada (guru) said, sound is the most powerful thing, and the next is prasadam! (Spiritual food)

G: I loved that. It’s true that if everybody did that…..for instance, that when somebody comes to another’s house, they’re given pure food, a place to sit, water, there’s a lot to be said for those ‘Indian’ customs. If everyone did it, it would be a good start! It’s good that you still do that.

S: Is it OK if I put this conversation in a newsletter, magazine or somewhere people could read it?

(Long pause, I thought George didn’t like the question)

G: Yes, we can do that; those who are interested will get a good experience out of it, if others don’t like it, that’s all right. It’s good for you and some of our friends and neighbours as it were, on similar levels of understanding. Some kind of spiritual magazine. It’s not supposed to be a big revelation or something. It’s a friendly chat, as it were, to connect you all. I’m really interested in connecting you all. There’s so much dissention, and this includes spiritual people, even those that profess ‘it’s all One’, ‘love thy neighbour’….they don’t! This group thinks they’re better than the other group and this philosophy is better, everything! They’re getting nowhere, fast!

If you’ll just connect with each other. Music and food, the basics, shared together with a higher intention can help unite. Then we’ll get something going there, a tremendous power will come out of it.

America could be the country to serve the world instead of dropping bombs all over it, you know. I used to think that was a possibility, that the Western World would turn around and give back to the East the Eastern philosophy in a practical way along with the necessities of life. It may be done, eventually.

Be careful with this (the channeling) I don’t want any books made of this and big fanfare “Message from George”. There are enough books, who’s reading them? Why should they read mine? They have the music and the words there. There are enough great books on the planet that nobody’s reading and I’m just repeating those same words, because it’s true, that’s all. Jai!

S: The next day I asked George, what if people start wanting him to give them personal messages or predictions?

G: As for people wanting messages and predictions, you do that and the others you’re with. That’s your job, not mine. You’re ‘reading’ me and you read them. I’m not in the business of predictions, although I respect it when it helps people, the way you do it. Just remember everything can be CHANGED. It’s all within you, we’re responsible for OURSELVES, at the same time don’t take anything too seriously. I know people don’t want to hear that, the world is full of terrible things going on and I say don’t take it so seriously. From here it looks very different, you see. Sometimes looking at things from a humourous point of view, you’re a lot nearer the truth and it hits you right in the face and you can laugh. I think that’s a good message for everyone.

"Call of Home" copyrighted by Ann Van Eps. Reprinted with permission.