Prosperity for You; No Matter What

By Serena Wright-Taylor

Is it possible to experience prosperity in your life no matter what is going on with the stock market, your job or other surrounding influences?

Intuitive Astrologer Serena Wright Taylor says YES!  Serena is an executive member of Delphi Associates and gives readings using Vedic Astrology and Spirit Guidance. To arrange a personal reading with Serena you may call 310 335 5617.

There are many hidden influences that create prosperity in our lives and there are some very obvious ones.  A few years ago I gave a reading to a rather lazy man who would procrastinate like anything before going out to do his sales work.
 “When will I get some money?’ he asked
“First start by working!” I replied “By working you are opening up a strong possibility that money will follow!”

Aside from the obvious I admit that he also has a valid question because even when we work hard sometimes our money is lost, tied up, or is not enough.  I have many Hollywood clients who are very talented in the entertainment field but have had to wait a long time between jobs. They begin to question, “Am I too old?” “Is it all over?”  Yes, even people you think are famous and should have no problems in life do struggle sometimes!  I have been able to assist them by letting them know the astrological time period they are in and what to expect.

There are 5 important points that I will cover in this article.  I believe that by understanding and practicing these principals we create an abundant life.  There are some people who may be very rich and not believe in any of this and you may ask “Why are they so rich?!” First, they usually have a total belief that they deserve prosperity.  Second, they may have created this situation from a previous life of giving in charity and serving others even if they don’t do much of that in this life.  Third, they may not be HAPPY!  True prosperity means to be happy and content emotionally and spiritually as well as materially.  Believe me, I have met some of these people and they do not all have prosperity in the true sense.   You however are going to create true prosperity for yourself.

Here are the 5 key points;

Know your astrological timing
Embrace your true worth
Be in gratitude for your abundant life
Keep the flow by giving and receiving
Use mantras and gem stones

Astrological Timing for Prosperity

There are certain times in your life when money is pre-destined to come your way.  I can tell you the most prominent of these timings by studying your astrological chart along with the planetary period you are in.  One of these cycles comes in every 12 years.  It is good to know of these cycles, because it is important to make the most of them.

 In an astrologically prosperous period we also have a great sense of well-being, a sense of knowing things are going to be all right. This is because of the very positive influence of Jupiter. It is easy just to float along and feel
good with these peaceful feelings during one of these time windows.  However, a better approach would be to jump on any and all opportunities that present themselves.  Prosperity can also enter our lives in the form of things changing in a positive way, such as moving to a better home, being given a special gift, or getting recognition for our talents.

Your location also can influence your prosperity.  The best places for you to live and work can be usually be seen by examining your Astrocartography.  Through Astrocartography we can see what kind of main influence a particular area has in your life.  One of my clients was interested in the best places for business.  I pointed out a small town that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere; he gasped because that place was already turning out to be very profitable for his pet supply business! 

Astrology is a science that can definitely help us in knowing when and where we can manifest prosperity in our lives.  However, there are other factors that are equally influential.

Embrace Your True Worth

No matter how auspicious the planets are, if we don’t know our true worth we will not attract prosperity!

A quick and easy test;

Sit down quietly and ask this question to yourself,
“From 1 to 10, what is my inner receiving level?”
See which number is the first to come up.

This is not about your circumstances, but what you actually BELIEVE about yourself.  You can be making a huge income and still have a low receiving level. If you have a low number you will find that no matter how much you make it does not ‘stick’ due to your belief of not deserving.  You may also find that you are not charging enough for your work, doing too many things for free, and thinking your work is not good enough. 

This can apply to time also.  If you came up with 5 or under, notice that you are doing a lot for others and not accepting or asking for anything in return.  I will talk about this more later in this article.

No matter what your inner receiving level is you can bring it up quite quickly with a little inner work. ‘Outer work’ can bring money, but ‘inner work’ brings prosperity!

Notice the ways in which you are not feeling deserving of a higher remuneration for your talents.  Notice where you are not using all your talents.  If you have a creative hobby such as music or art, share it with friends and be open to receiving compliments and praise as they enjoy your work.  Talk with someone who has a higher receiving level and let some of their understanding rub off on you! 

Your belief of not deserving or accepting more prosperity may come from something that happened or was said to you in childhood. It may come from a past life or even a belief a lot of us have which is that to be ‘spiritual’ we must live meagerly.

After working on these issues check on your receiving level.  You can bring it up to a 10!  You will get used to checking in often. You may see it fluctuate sometimes and you will now know how to get it back to 10 again.  This is good!

Be in Gratitude for your Abundant Life

What abundant life?  Even if you have very little financially you can still be in gratitude for the abundance around you.  Do you have a wonderful friend, a healthy family, or see a beautiful view near your home?  Can you hear inspiring music whenever you want?  Did you get to go to a great concert? Did you overcome a difficult challenge?  Noticing and being grateful for the many gifts in your life creates the energy of prosperity and more will follow.

In 1990 an unknown Jim Carrey wrote a check to himself for 10 million dollars.  He postdated it for 1995.  He knew that if he was earning that much he would be grateful to be surrounded by the most talented people and have great material to work with.  Writing the check was an affirmation and the gratitude that goes with it is important.  It is called the ‘felt sense’.

Affirmations work when you practice the feeling that goes with them.  That’s why they are said in the present tense.  I find this to be a very powerful affirmation;

I am abundant in every way.
Infinite money is mine to earn,
Save, invest, exponentially multiply and share
My abundance is making everyone better off.
I embrace abundance and abundance embraces me.

Try saying this affirmation every day while totally feeling that it is true, it will be true before very long.

Be sure to appreciate all the little things each day.  Let friends know how grateful you are that they are in your life.  Say thank you to family members even when they do something that’s expected.  Show gratitude to your boss, landlord or other person of authority. 

I used to notice my friends complaining about their landlords.  I used to say, “I’m not going to complain about my landlord.  I intend to be one myself.” Sure enough I now have tenants. (I hope they don’t complain about me!)

Keep the Flow by Giving and Receiving

This is a really, really important point!  I am a teacher of ‘keeping the flow’.  Everything is energy, just like an electrical circuit, a running stream, the human body; things are healthy when they are flowing along.  Affluence means ‘flow’.

My life changed for the better when I first truly understood this principle.  We cannot make others happy unless we accept happiness into our own lives by doing what we love and living a life we love, just as we cannot give out money to others unless we have first received it ourselves!

You can live a martyr lifestyle, but in this age, taking on everyone’s pain is not recommended for spiritual progress!

Be open to receiving incredible abundance!  As you welcome the abundance into your life you will be able to share this with others in many ways.  Knowing that you are now inviting and accepting this prosperity, you will find that you start to feel safe, supported, and secure.  Your family and friends will all benefit as you change your belief from ‘there is not enough’ to ‘there is abundance for all’.

Doing some service in the community is also part of keeping the flow and sharing the blessings.  The energy of giving back, especially to those who are experiencing challenges with the same issues you may have faced and overcome in the past, can be very rewarding and help to ‘keep the flow’.

Be careful if you are recovering from co-dependency or giving too much.  Keep your volunteering to a minimum at first to make sure you are not getting drained.  When in the flow, the giver and receiver are both happy!  If you feel uncomfortable instead of inspired and enthusiastic see this as a red flag and check your inner receiving level. 

Use of Mantras and Gems

In the Vedas, the ancient scriptures of India, it is explained that sound is the most powerful thing in the Universe.  The cycle of creation begins with the sound ‘Om’. 

All sacred language can bring about change in the physical world by pure vibration.  The various principals I have covered in this article can take root in the body by the practice of sacred sound vibrations.

A short mantra to bring about prosperity is the sound vibration for Lakshmi, the Goddess of Fortune:

Om Sri Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha

It is important to note when chanting this mantra that Lakshmi does not like to be without her husband Vishnu.  I suggest having a picture of them both together and keeping up with some spiritual practice, meditation, or study.  Material progress without spiritual life doesn’t last long or bring satisfaction; it’s like trying to keep the Goddess of Fortune without Vishnu.

It is said that Lakshmi will not live in a house where there are arguments and fighting.  Helping every one to get along with each other creates more prosperity.

I have explained many details about gemstones and colors in a precious article in Delphi Associates.  There are certain gems and colors for prosperity but this varies for each individual according to their chart, so be sure to ask me to include this information if you have a reading with me.

I hope this information has helped you get started on an abundant journey to prosperity, no matter what!


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"Call of Home" copyrighted by Ann Van Eps. Reprinted with permission.