Serena Wright Taylor

Intuitive Astrologer

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Serena will assist you in moving towards your Highest Potential
and help you to generate Positive Change in all aspects of your life.

Using a combination of Vedic Astrology, Psychic Awareness, Clairvoyance and Spiritual Insight,
Serena gives you a clear perception of your karmic cycles and choices.



Your Session Will Include:

Explanation of your Vedic Astrological Chart
Your current Planetary Influences
Intuitive Counseling
Insight into Relationships and Financial Cycles
Astrocartography (location advice)
Spiritual Guidance
Answers to your Questions

Your reading is live on the telephone
Also a CD recording of the reading will be mailed to you.

First time reading $165
Follow up readings $100 for 1 hour
$75 for hour
Credit Cards Accepted


Serena has been giving readings to clients worldwide for more than 30 years. She is recommended
by health professionals, leading speakers and authors, celebrities and corporate officials.

See some referrals below:

"Serena has been so amazing in terms of being a beacon that helped re-orient me on my life path and giving me hope to keep marching through the maze that we call life. I always get periodic readings from her to get a perspective on current happenings and what the future holds. I can attest that my life has definitely transformed since I have been consulting with her. I feel blessed that she does the readings coupled with her amazing intuitive abilities and shares her opinions with such a caring and nurturing energy that anyone will be motivated and ready to take on life's challenges after crossing paths with this amazing being. I am so grateful to have met Serena and having her enrich my life with her wisdom and her light."
Sashi, Los Angeles

“Serena is a wise spiritualist who provides guidance on future events through psychic impressions and Vedic astrology - the true astrology. She is a warm soul who cares deeply about her clients and helps them to see how current actions will lead to their future outcomes. Having a monthly reading with Serena has helped me to expand my own intuition. I highly recommend her services.”
Jim B, CEO Arizona

“My advice is not to make any major decisions before a consultation with Serena. She has guided us in buying and selling properties by interpreting the cycles in our charts and her own visionary impressions. She also helped us choose our wedding date and travel dates for our honeymoon. Everything has gone well since we found her.”
Crystal and Ben, CA

"Serena's work is extraordinary-a stunning blend of mind, heart, and soul."
Judith Orloff, M.D., author of "Second Sight"

I can always count on Serena to help me see straight when things get crazy. I can call her from anywhere, shut the door, relax, ask questions and listen. She gives deep insights with caring and sincerity. After a short while, I come out feeling like myself again, and ready to handle my hectic schedule with complete calm, knowingness and mindfulness. Thanks "
K, actress/mom  

Serena has given me the most incredible, uplifting, life changing advice I have ever experienced. She has a depth of being and wisdom that is so profound. She is in touch and connected with the most loving light.
Kathi Brilliant, Brilliant Promotions  

It has been said that you know the truth when it is spoken, and Serena imparts this feeling of "knowing" through her readings. I've had the joy of consulting with her for many years and our talks are always revelatory and healing. Serena's manner of presentation is straightforward and refreshingly practical, and she invariably chooses to illuminate the most generous and positive interpretation of any situation. Her gentle and invincible spirit employs a balanced position of intellect grounded in the heart and engaged with life. Serena's gift of clairvoyance is a miraculous mystery, which she shares with near-perfect accuracy. She can help you find a way out of no way, and show you that even a bad hand can win the pot.
NR, Northern California 

"Serena's compassion, understanding, and deep intuitive insight come through in her counseling and readings. I highly recommend Serena for anyone needing clear direction in their life."
Dr. Randy Martin, O.M.D., Ph.D. 

"Serena's predictions are delivered with astounding accuracy."
Dana Dunn, Ph.D., Astrologer, Intuitive Counselor, Lecturer  

"Serena Wright combines the ancient wisdom of Vedic sidereal astrology with a remarkable intuition.  I find her insightful readings and predictions to be exactly what I need " 
The Late Brian O'Leary, Ph.D., Scientist, Author