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Patience and Bring Great Results!

Vedic Astrology Update:

The New Moon this month will be in the constellation of Punarvasu which means ‘Good Again’. It’s a good time for starting over on your plans and practices that improve health and also fix and repair situations that have become unfavourable. If you have been thinking of expanding your knowledge in a particular area this is a great time to sign up for classes. This cycle is also supportive for starting a garden, beginning to build a home or looking for a new home.  July 17th is the ‘New Moon on Monday’ if you’re old enough to remember that song.

 This month is also the Mars and Saturn opposition. It is what astrologers call the Push and Pull effect. You try to get ahead but then something gets in your way. Saturn’s position shows what to work on, it is in a constellation for health, again showing its good to focus on healing and remembering that natural methods take a bit of time but it’s worth it to be patient. In your own astrological chart Saturn will be in a particular house with aspects that indicate particular challenges you may have at this time; your Astrologer can help with explaining how long your cycle will last and the best way to take action. People who have a strong Mars and Saturn in their chart usually get a lot done. Focus, concentration and patience will win!

Venus Retrograde starts on July 23rd and goes to September the 4th.  A retrograde is when a planet appears to go backwards from our Earthly point of view. This has a strong influence. It helps us go back and pay attention to something from the past or something not completed. In this case all things that Venus rules. In the arts, we go back and perfect the project, whether a piece of art, a script, a song, a design project, we make improvements and wait until Venus is Direct to offer it to the world! In relationships we can focus on healing issues from past relationships so that we don’t bring our fears or bad habits into our present one. Typically, you might see a return of people from your past, such as old friendships. It will also be an excellent time for loving and caring for yourself especially if you have been neglecting yourself lately. Venus spending more time in a particular part of the sky means that it might be aspecting your personal planets for a longer time than usual, this can be amazing! Especially if Venus goes Direct while casting a favourable aspect for you. I have seen wonderful things happen for clients during such a transit.

Serena is a Vedic Astrologer and Intuitive Counselor. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please email her at or voicemail 310 335 5617

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A New Cycle of Jupiter

The planet of luck and fortune, Jupiter is now transiting its own sign of Pisces! Jupiter’s influence has been weak for two years because it was in its debilitation sign, Capricorn and with Saturn and then in the other sign ruled by Saturn, Aquarius. During that time there was a lack of wisdom, truth, optimism and compassion. Now that Jupiter has a strong influence again, we can expect good qualities to return, including more freedom to travel and less restrictions. The increase of goodness and kindness in the world is not instant and requires us to be aware and open to learning and growing within ourselves first rather than expecting an instant evolution, but we will be helped by Jupiter!

You can see how Jupiter will help expand your life in the coming year by noticing which house is Pisces in your Vedic Astrology chart and what that house stands for. In Vedic Astrology and in Astronomy, Jupiter entered Pisces on April 13th, this is different from the Tropical Western Zodiac. For example, if Jupiter is moving through your fourth house you may have improvements in your home or move to a place you like. If Jupiter is transiting your ninth house you may have successful and happy travels this year and increase your spiritual wisdom. An increase in finances can also occur particularly in regards to that particular house. For instance, if it is your third house you could be paid well for your creative talents. If you learn what each house represents you can see where positive change could happen.

Will Jupiter bring Peace? That is what everyone’s asking. Jupiter does stand for peace, kindness, solutions to problems and benefits to children. Obviously, we are not seeing that yet. The countries involved in the war have other very challenging transits at this time. The power of Jupiter’s influence can certainly help with increased compassion, better negotiations, and a push to action in helping those affected by war.

An Eclipse is coming

There will be a Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30th. As usual it is recommended not to start anything new on the few days before and after an eclipse. It is extremely good for personal contemplation, insight and spiritual ceremonies. This one particularly as Jupiter and exalted Venus are in conjunction at the same time, send love out to the world!

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Creative and Romantic May!

The planet of Creativity, Harmony, Beauty, Love, Comforts and Happiness, Venus, just entered its own sign of Taurus. (remember this is Vedic Astrology and also Astronomy; the true position of the planets). Venus will be in Taurus until May 28th.

When a planet is in its own sign it is ‘at home’ and more powerful. Venus will also be travelling along with Mercury, the planet of communication, for most of the month as well. Mercury is a friend to Venus and does well in Taurus also.

What will happen?

It is a favourable month to focus on projects that have the attributes of Venus as listed above. Create and launch your website, go somewhere special with your partner, finish your art projects, make cosmetic appointments, practice kindness and charitable giving, connect with friends and appreciate arts and culture.

If you have natal planets in Taurus in your Vedic Chart, their influence will be enhanced by this transit.  Depending on which house is ruled by Taurus in your chart, you will receive benefits pertaining to that house. For example, if Taurus rules your tenth house of career, you may receive a promotion, more recognition and positive experiences at work and so forth.

If Venus is blessing you this month it is a good opportunity to share the love, abundance and blessings with those people or countries that still need our help to recover from the virus. There will likely be more concerts and cultural events for charitable causes.

We are now being benefited by the new transit of Jupiter. Jupiter has moved away from Saturn and is powerful as it is covering two constellations that represent prosperity, movement and healing.  If you have planets or points in early Aquarius in your Vedic Chart you will already be benefiting from this. More freedom of movement will transpire from Jupiter’s transit for the rest of the year.

Lunar Eclipse – May 26th

As you may already know, an eclipse is not the time to start anything new, unless it is of a spiritual or introspective nature, in which case it would be very positive. So, the ideas and projects I listed at the beginning are not to be started on or around the Lunar Eclipse of May 26th! However, a spiritual ceremony or healing retreat is helpful during eclipses.

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News from Mars

Mars at last has entered its own sign! This is not exactly news from Mars but about Mars, we are happy to report that the fiery planet of action is now very much at home in its sign of Aries. In Vedic Astrology this just happened on Christmas Eve.

When a planet is in its own sign it brings out the powerful and favourable qualities of the planet. People who have Mars in Aries in their Natal Vedic Chart are active and like to get things done, especially short-term projects. They are independent, pioneering, generous and don’t like to sit still for long. This includes those born now and up until February 21st.

During the first 21 days of January, Mars is in the constellation called Ashvini. This section of the zodiac has the influence of the celestial physicians known as the Ashvinis. It is good for getting quick results in health and self-improvement. This is very good news for overcoming COVID. Mars creates action therefore we can expect a lot of energy, new discoveries and speed in helping the world with this issue.

In your own chart, this transit of Mars in Aries could be very energizing and will bring action in the house that it is transiting. However, challenges can also occur due to any hard aspects or conjunctions. We can all be aware that there will be a conjunction of Mars and Uranus on January 20th This is explosive energy so take it easy around that time.

In February Jupiter will start strongly aspecting Rahu and this is extremely beneficial for progress towards diminishing the virus.

Have a Happy, Healthy and Bright New Year!

To find out about your own astrological cycles and where is best to focus for the year ahead you may contact Serena by email: or voice mail 310 335 5617

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Major Astrological Events this Month!

Solar Eclipse then Solstice; rest, reflect and renewal.

Wishing you Warm and Well Wishes as we end this year of so many difficulties which have been indicated by some rare conjunctions, stations and retrogrades of major planets. The year culminates in a couple of astrological challenges to be aware of this month.

As usual, when noticing the transits, it is not necessarily on the exact day that a particular event happens, but leading up to the date and also afterwards. There is a Major Solar Eclipse this month on December 14th.  This can indicate changes depending on where it takes place in your own chart, or on a wider scale, the chart of a whole country. It is recommended not to start anything new or important on and around the eclipse days, as some understanding can be hidden or shadowed over. Spiritual practice, however is highly recommended and brings good results such as meditation, prayer, studies and service.

In a previous Astrological update, I shared about the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st, which this time has the rare occurrence of taking place at the exact debilitation point of Jupiter (5 degrees Capricorn in Vedic Astrology). It is also helpful to notice in which house this occurs in your natal chart and know that there may be some work and challenges in that area. Once this is over, as Jupiter moves forward faster than Saturn, Jupiterian influences will grow again, such as kindness, joy, financial growth, truth and harmony. Saturn in its own sign gives help to Jupiter and we will gradually see the benefits of this.

You will notice a theme in the December transits, the diminishing of the Light and all it stands for and then the returning of the Light. This is exactly what the Winter Solstice is! It is a perfect time to observe the ancient traditions of Yule, this year more than ever. Just as the seeds are deep in the earth awaiting the light to return, we can go within ourselves, meditate, visualise and be at peace knowing that this cycle will change. Do what we can for others, give gifts of love and healing, cook and share wholesome foods, bring light into our homes and be the Light for others.

To learn more about these astrological cycles in your own chart, schedule an appointment with Serena by email: or voicemail 310 335 5617

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A Deficiency of Dharma

If you are wondering whatever is happening to the world at this time, here is a Vedic explanation of the times we are in:

What is Dharma and why is it low at this time?

In Vedic Astrology we know that there is a lack of Dharma at this time because of the coming Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn which will be exact on December 21st, this also happens to be Winter Solstice. This is because debilitated Jupiter is overcome by the stronger Saturn. The Solstice date makes it of even more significance. We have been seeing the effects of this conjunction already as these two planets came very close in the Spring and then they retrograded. After Jupiter passes this point it will gain strength again and those traits ruled by benevolent Jupiter such as wisdom, spirituality, abundance, honesty and trust will flourish again.

The planets do not control us, they simply show a map or path in life as a challenge to take action to improve and learn the lesson. An opportunity to live from our heart and Highest Self, especially when it is even harder to do so. The cycle that the whole world is in currently is a huge lesson for all of us as individual and collective souls.

Not Lost in Translation

The meaning of the Sanskrit word Dharma is impossible to translate using only one word! For the purpose of this article I will use a small ‘d’ and a capital ‘D’ to describe two ways to understand it.  In the western world we often use the word dharma to describe a person’s calling in life. It is this person’s dharma to be a healer and help people, this person’s dharma to be a talented artist and inspire people and so forth. The point being that their chosen field is also their ‘essence’ and their way to make spiritual progress. This is one understanding of dharma.

Dharma in a Universal sense is not temporary. It is the essence of all living beings. It has deeply profound meaning. It is sometimes referred to as the Principles of Religion but not in the sense of having a religion which makes you different from another person of another faith. A person can change their religion or can use it simply to improve their material life, in which case it would be referred to as ‘Kaitava dharma’. The Vedic description of Dharma is the ‘Eternal Truth’ or the ‘Universal Principles’ that is why as Vedic practitioners our path is called Sanatana Dharma, Sanatana means eternal.

What is the Soul’s Dharma?

Dharma cannot be separated from the object or the being. My teacher would give the example that the dharma of sugar is sweet or the dharma of fire is heat and light. The Dharma of living beings is Service. This powerful insight is explained in the Bhagavad Gita: that it is the nature of the soul to be active and to be engaged in service and in this way be connected to the Source, Divine Intelligence, God, or whichever name you prefer. Service is our essence and the key to Happiness and Wisdom.

Now back to what is happening in the world at this time. Dharma is diminished and therefore there is less focus on service and helping others. There is a lack of Truth, and the ultimate understanding that we, all living beings and the planet, are all connected. It is harder to practice kindness, mercy and truth at such a tumultuous time. This is typical for Kali Yuga, the age of hypocrisy and degradation that we are now in, but this 2020 conjunction has helped us see this more clearly. However, if we can stick to our dharma and Dharma we can still make tremendous progress!

This cycle will improve in 2021 and then, with more understanding, compassion and connectedness we can create positive change and gradually work towards a ‘mini’ Golden Age that was predicted in the Vedas to occur within the early part of this Kali Yuga.

You Might be an Angel for Someone!

Here is a true story: It was in the 1980s and I was in a miserable situation that I couldn’t get out of. I think I didn’t smile or laugh much at that time. One day I was in a shopping centre in Culver City, a girl was walking towards me, she was probably my age but at that time I felt older than I am now. She had dark brown wavey hair and a bag on her right shoulder, I can see it even though it was over 30 years ago. As she got nearer, she smiled an amazing beautiful smile, it was radiant! It was for me! We didn’t know each other, it’s as if she knew I needed the smile or perhaps she was giving me some of the amazing happiness that I would have in the future. I felt uplifted as she passed by, I turned to see where she was going and of course, she wasn’t there! Perhaps she moved quickly around the corner or into a store but I knew she was a helper angel.

We can all be ‘helper angels’ for each other, even by doing the simplest things. Small favours or compliments can be life changing. In this time of COVID we are wearing masks and can’t see each other smile, but at least we can get masks with hearts and kind words on them, to help to put others at ease. We can also wear and give Love Buttons, see

Have your personal Vedic Astrology Consultation

How is this transit of Jupiter and Saturn influencing your own chart? What is the retrograde Mars going to bring up for you? When is the best time to start a project or relationship? Get your update or a first time reading by contacting Serena by email: or call 310 335 5617

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Autumn 2020 Vedic Astrology Update

2020 Going Forward

Greetings and Well Wishes, here are some astrological points of interest for the next few months.

The second part of this year is going to continue to be challenging at times. Various kinds of upheavals are likely, apart from the virus, however it will all lead to positive change ahead!

There is good news if you have planets in the latter part of fire signs in your Vedic Natal Chart. Jupiter has retrograded back into Sagittarius. (remember this is Vedic Astrology, not Tropical Western Astrology and it is also where the planets really are transiting in the sky). Therefore, if your planets or angles of your Vedic chart are in Sagittarius, Aries or Leo from 20 degrees and on, you will be benefiting already from this Jupiter transit. Jupiter goes Direct on September 12th making it very powerful to do good, as Jupiter does! We can expect recoveries and less restrictions.

Mars is slowing down to Retrograde this year in its own sign of Aries. Mars enters the first Nakshatra or Constellation of Aries known as Ashvini on August 16th and will be there for three and a half weeks before retrograding back into Pisces.  This Nakshatra is ruled by the twin Celestial Physicians known as the Ashvinis, its symbol is the head of a horse, denoting to ‘move fast’ and also honey which is antiseptic and purifying. This transit of Mars can bring action and breakthroughs in health and healing. Unfortunately, slow moving Mars will be squaring stationary Saturn three times over this Autumn period and this produces harsh energy of upheavals including possible major storms and earthquakes.

There is a positive change in September regarding the Nodes; Rahu and Ketu. They travel in a backwards motion through the zodiac. Every 18 years, their transit of Gemini and Sagittarius produces major problems. Finally, on September 19th they are moving back to Taurus and Scorpio. The Russian Flu of 1889 – 1890 ended when Rahu got into Taurus. However, Jupiter was also aspecting Rahu at the time and Jupiter will do the same early next year.

Never underestimate the power of doing good and also cultivating higher consciousness at this time! Our combined positive energy and action improves the general karma even though we may sometimes feel the negativity overwhelming. I once asked my mother how they stayed positive or did fun things during the 2nd World War when they knew that so many were suffering. She said, as well as doing her part in service, which was decoding for the Admiralty in the City of Bath, she also knew the importance of keeping a positive morale. Her friend was depressed and anxious about the war, so on their days off from the Admiralty, my mum took her to have picnics by the River Avon. I have the old black and white pictures of this. Even a small action and kind words can change the energy for someone and then they also share the kindness and favours with others. Spread love not the virus!

To find out how these transits are affecting you and your own chart, you may contact Serena for a consultation. Email: or call 310 335 5617

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Vedic Astrology Update: Corona Virus

When will it get better?

I hope you are staying safe and well at home. Here is my astrological update regarding the Corona Virus including some upcoming dates that show a gradual improvement of the situation.

Keep reading to the end, you will find some good news about Venus!

You may have already heard the astrological predictions of a negative event or ‘attack’ early in 2020, especially around February 25th. This was due to the Ketu and Mars conjunction in the Nakshatra of Mula which is a destructive constellation. Rahu and Ketu, the Nodes of the Moon travel opposite each other and backwards. The negative event turned out to be the Corona Virus or COVID-19. Rahu is in Ardra, the constellation of tears. One of the things Rahu represents is viruses.

What to expect in April?

There are many other planetary influences that are similar to major problems and pandemics of the past, including the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of course. We begin April with a Saturn/Mars conjunction which is particularly disruptive.  Earthquakes could occur as well as all the other problems! This transit of Mars through Capricorn, its exaltation sign with Saturn is also showing us how we can use this energy to improve things. This is the time the military would be taking part as well because Mars stands for the military, police etc. Being disciplined, following orders and being organised ourselves will help the success in defeating the virus. April is the month to stick to some rules and regulations, even though it’s hard, this is the way to win this month! Mars leaves Capricorn and its association with Saturn on May 4th. (remember this is Vedic Astrology, not the same as Tropical). Therefore, the next date for improvement is May 4th.

There is a Kala Sarpa Yoga going on at present. This is when all the planets are transiting on one side between Rahu and Ketu. This is only broken temporarily by the Moon every 2 weeks which obviously travels faster than other planets. This Kala Sarpa Yoga will end on May 29th when Mercury moves to the other side of the Nodes. A very important date for major improvement is May 29th.

Let’s be grateful for the Sun, that goes into its exaltation sign for a month beginning on April 13th. At that time the Sun enters the first constellation of Aries known as Ashvini, the Healing Nakshatra. A very good time to start a healing process. I have been gardening and offering Sun mantras and grateful to feel the powerful healing energy of Surya the Sun Planet.

There are indications that the virus might gain strength again in Autumn, but we will look into that later. Meanwhile, let’s build and balance our immune systems.

Astrology is a map of our karma, world karma as well as individual karma. However, we have free will to choose to improve ourselves, physically and spiritually so that when a difficult transit comes along, we can handle it with wisdom and equilibrium. No matter how good your Natal Chart is, you will always have some challenges because we are here to learn. There is a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter this Spring and later in the year. This indicates a lack of Dharma or Spiritual Principles. These principles are the same no matter which religion, race or country a person is from. They are about kindness, fairness, service and unconditional love. This includes kindness and protection to animals. Viruses and pandemics have often originated from animals kept in suffering conditions to be killed for food, not the animals flying free and healthy in their natural habitat. It is not just the uncleanliness but the negative frequency and fear, that can produce these outcomes, as everything is energy. Whether the Corona Virus came from a wet market in Wuhan, or has some other nefarious origin, it is still our Karma! We can therefore help ourselves and the world karma by not eating meat, especially at this time of making progress through disciplined action.

Good News About Venus

Fun, Creativity and Comfort is on the way!

In the middle of all the challenges we are facing, there is blessing from Venus. A planet, when transiting its own sign, is more powerful because it can ‘be itself’. Venus is doing just that! It will be in Taurus for almost four months. First let me remind you again that this is Vedic Astrology and Sidereal Zodiac. If you know your Vedic Chart and know which house is ruled by Taurus you will see an improvement in that area of life. If you have natal planets in Taurus, even more so!

Venus rules creativity, love, beauty, romance, the arts, luxuries and comforts etc. Influences from Venus actually help us feel gentle and kind to one another. Venus started its transit of Taurus on March 28th, will retrograde on May 13th, go direct on June 25th and leave Taurus on July 31st. During the retrograde phase it is best go back and look at what you are already working on and improve on it, not start a new project until it goes Direct. For example, if you have a creative endeavour, use Venus Retrograde to work out any imperfections then launch it or publish it after June 25th. The same works for relationships, Venus Retrograde is good for working to improve your relationships, receiving counselling and learning to love yourself so that you can love others.

I am thinking of all the amazing songs and music that will be written, works of art, stories and scripts that will be created while we are staying at home with Venus!

To find out more about these transits and your own chart you may schedule a consultation with Serena by emailing: or calling 310 335 5617

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Welcome to the new Vimana web site!

I hope you feel at home and uplifted in the new calming ambience we have created.

What does the logo mean?

My logo at the top of the page is the auspicious chakra that is positioned at the top of Vishnu temples denoting protection and eternal wisdom.The Blue Butterfly, placed over it, is my symbol for ‘Soul Family’.

What is the picture at the top?

This painting, by Douglas Taylor, shows what it is like in the advanced worlds of the higher dimensions. The ‘buildings’ can be created with thought and are healing and rejuvenating.

What is the bottom photo? 

At the bottom of our Home Page you will find a seat in an ancient garden. This is a photo I took whilst visiting the historic St. Margaret’s Chapel and Magdalene Almshouses in Glastonbury. Imagine we are sitting there having an inspiring conversation and feeling nurtured by the healing energy!


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Reach Your Goals This Year

One of the most helpful tools in reaching either a short-term or a long-term goal is knowing your best astrological timing. This can be as simple as making sure Mercury is not retrograde when signing a contract, to the intricate calculations of choosing an auspicious date and time for a wedding. Usually we are making personal goals for the month or year ahead. Consulting your astrologer can help immensely. Astrology is a science we can use to achieve success for personal happiness and career goals as well.

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