The planet of luck and fortune, Jupiter is now transiting its own sign of Pisces! Jupiter’s influence has been weak for two years because it was in its debilitation sign, Capricorn and with Saturn and then in the other sign ruled by Saturn, Aquarius. During that time there was a lack of wisdom, truth, optimism and compassion. Now that Jupiter has a strong influence again, we can expect good qualities to return, including more freedom to travel and less restrictions. The increase of goodness and kindness in the world is not instant and requires us to be aware and open to learning and growing within ourselves first rather than expecting an instant evolution, but we will be helped by Jupiter!

You can see how Jupiter will help expand your life in the coming year by noticing which house is Pisces in your Vedic Astrology chart and what that house stands for. In Vedic Astrology and in Astronomy, Jupiter entered Pisces on April 13th, this is different from the Tropical Western Zodiac. For example, if Jupiter is moving through your fourth house you may have improvements in your home or move to a place you like. If Jupiter is transiting your ninth house you may have successful and happy travels this year and increase your spiritual wisdom. An increase in finances can also occur particularly in regards to that particular house. For instance, if it is your third house you could be paid well for your creative talents. If you learn what each house represents you can see where positive change could happen.

Will Jupiter bring Peace? That is what everyone’s asking. Jupiter does stand for peace, kindness, solutions to problems and benefits to children. Obviously, we are not seeing that yet. The countries involved in the war have other very challenging transits at this time. The power of Jupiter’s influence can certainly help with increased compassion, better negotiations, and a push to action in helping those affected by war.

An Eclipse is coming

There will be a Partial Solar Eclipse on April 30th. As usual it is recommended not to start anything new on the few days before and after an eclipse. It is extremely good for personal contemplation, insight and spiritual ceremonies. This one particularly as Jupiter and exalted Venus are in conjunction at the same time, send love out to the world!