Serena presenting at the Conscious Life Expo

Serena Wright Taylor is an award-winning conference producer. Intuitive Vedic Astrologer, UFO Researcher, Writer, Creative Artist and Humanitarian.

She grew up in Southern England where she loved spending time in the garden observing the birds and insects. She built a miniature church for insects, being inspired by the historic cathedrals. She also loved dancing and drawing. Serena received guidance and teachings in her ‘dreams’ from a very young age and has learnt to trust and follow the information and experiences that are given in this way as well as her intuitive process.

Dedicating many years in Vedic studies and practice, Serena lived in temples and was initiated as a Brahmin. She studied the ancient Vedic Civilization, Bhakti Yoga and Vedic Arts. She was especially interested to learn about the various extra-terrestrial species mentioned in the ancient texts and their ‘vimana’ space ships. She studied the traditional dances of India and directed and performed plays about the ancient great epics.

serena with cows
Serena with protected cows at Bhaktivedanta Manor in England, where she previously studied and practiced the Vedic lifestyle.
Serena visiting the goats at The Gentle Barn

Serena also has a background in the Entertainment Industry, first working for the BBC in London and later as Personal Assistant to two Hollywood celebrities in Los Angeles.

An Intuitive Vedic Astrologer for more than 35 years, Serena combines her psychic ability and astrology to assist clients worldwide.

Serena is an Associate Producer with Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. An annual 3-day conference and celebration of evolution and consciousness. Featuring new paradigms in science, spirituality, health and well-being.

Serena assists with many conscious conferences and events in various fields and Charitable Foundations.

“its not easy to change the world but even if we change the world of one person we can make a difference. Then if everyone lovingly helps another person or saves an animal we may find that together we have changed the world for the better!” says Serena.

Serena is an Ambassador for the Love Button Global Movement which fosters acts of kindness all over the world.

As a volunteer to help refugees with The Tiyya Foundation in Orange County, Serena delivers diapers to refugee mums and helps at Tiyya’s special events.

Serena is also a supporter of Animal Sanctuaries and Cow Protection.

Almost every day Serena is busy giving phone consultations for clients, cooking vegetarian meals, gardening or producing her next gathering or event.

She often returns to England to visit and investigate Ancient Sites. Douglas and Serena also visit Puerto Rico and find it to be a place of amazing mysteries to investigate as well as tropical beauty.

Serena is married to Visionary Artist Douglas Taylor. She has two grown children, Gandharvika Rose, and Arun.

Serena with husband Douglas Taylor after receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at The Conscious Expo
serena with refugees

Hosting a Mother’s Day picnic for refugees with the Tiyya Foundation.

serena with chris martin

Serena with Chris Martin supporting an event for the Love Button Global Movement.