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Vimana means ‘Starship’. The ancient Vedic texts of India describe the great ships of the highly advanced worlds as being able to travel through time and space. Everything you need is aboard, including the beauty of nature, celestial music and most of all; great wisdom. As we develop our consciousness we can begin to understand the spiritual technology of the higher dimensions.

As you travel on life’s journey, we offer to sometimes be your ‘vimana’ to help transport you to more joy, growth and awareness. We endeavour to connect you with wonderful services, such as Vedic Astrology and Intuitive Guidance, Empowering Information, creative products and uplifting events and conferences.


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Serena Wright Taylor is an award-winning conference producer. Intuitive Vedic Astrologer, UFO Researcher, Writer, Creative Artist and Humanitarian.

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Serena assists you in moving towards your Highest Potential and helps you generate Positive Change in all aspects of your life.

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Soul Family

Serena teaches about ‘Soul Family’.  This means that we find ourselves connecting together with like-minded friends and feel like family, even though we may not be related in this life.

We are excited to share information and inspiration to infuse our lives and our planet because we have previously planned to reunite in this lifetime. Therefore, Serena is always connecting people with each other, producing events and networking.

Welcome to the Soul Family!

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