One of the most helpful tools in reaching either a short-term or a long-term goal is knowing your best astrological timing. This can be as simple as making sure Mercury is not retrograde when signing a contract, to the intricate calculations of choosing an auspicious date and time for a wedding. Usually we are making personal goals for the month or year ahead. Consulting your astrologer can help immensely. Astrology is a science we can use to achieve success for personal happiness and career goals as well.

An Astrologer can guide you in taking action at the right time such as when to contact a key person, when to set off on a journey, when to publish, plan a meeting, have an operation, buy your new car, meet your new pet or have a party.

If you need to have an uncomfortable discussion with someone, right timing can be very helpful with that too, in order that everything goes smoothly and easily and both people come away feeling that they have been heard and respected.

I love working on auspicious dates for special events, festivals, banquets or conferences. The personal planetary transits of those organising the event as well as the day itself are all key points to consider.

Help the Universe Help You!

The metaphysical perspective is also very helpful in manifesting your goals.

I was recently advising a friend who wants to move away from a difficult situation. Making a huge change with very low funds is all part of her challenge.

From my own experiences and practice as well as advising others in such situations for many years, this is what I recommended:

Visualise yourself in your new place and FEEL the safe and happy feelings of being there.

Check the listings as if you are all ready to move right now, you take one step and the Universe takes 10 steps to bring your goal to you!

Ask friends to keep an eye out for a perfect place for you and also find out who would help you on the day of your move.

Start packing a few boxes and getting rid of things you don’t need.

Do some healing work for yourself; Is there a reason you are finding excuses and staying in a draining situation? Do you feel you don’t deserve better? It’s hard to be strong when another person is tearing you down. Be aware of this and surround yourself with supportive friends and activities that rebuild your confidence.

These kinds of subtle points as well as using astrology are all part of making positive changes. This process can be used for other things as well as the example of my friend making her move.

I recommend doing something towards your goal each day, whether it’s a simple phone call, research or visualisation. The journey is part of your growth and can be as exciting and enjoyable as reaching the goal itself!