I hope you feel at home and uplifted in the new calming ambience we have created.

What does the logo mean?

My logo at the top of the page is the auspicious chakra that is positioned at the top of Vishnu temples denoting protection and eternal wisdom.The Blue Butterfly, placed over it, is my symbol for ‘Soul Family’.

What is the picture at the top?

This painting, by Douglas Taylor, shows what it is like in the advanced worlds of the higher dimensions. The ‘buildings’ can be created with thought and are healing and rejuvenating.

What is the bottom photo? 

At the bottom of our Home Page you will find a seat in an ancient garden. This is a photo I took whilst visiting the historic St. Margaret’s Chapel and Magdalene Almshouses in Glastonbury. Imagine we are sitting there having an inspiring conversation and feeling nurtured by the healing energy!