When will it get better?

I hope you are staying safe and well at home. Here is my astrological update regarding the Corona Virus including some upcoming dates that show a gradual improvement of the situation.

Keep reading to the end, you will find some good news about Venus!

You may have already heard the astrological predictions of a negative event or ‘attack’ early in 2020, especially around February 25th. This was due to the Ketu and Mars conjunction in the Nakshatra of Mula which is a destructive constellation. Rahu and Ketu, the Nodes of the Moon travel opposite each other and backwards. The negative event turned out to be the Corona Virus or COVID-19. Rahu is in Ardra, the constellation of tears. One of the things Rahu represents is viruses.

What to expect in April?

There are many other planetary influences that are similar to major problems and pandemics of the past, including the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of course. We begin April with a Saturn/Mars conjunction which is particularly disruptive.  Earthquakes could occur as well as all the other problems! This transit of Mars through Capricorn, its exaltation sign with Saturn is also showing us how we can use this energy to improve things. This is the time the military would be taking part as well because Mars stands for the military, police etc. Being disciplined, following orders and being organised ourselves will help the success in defeating the virus. April is the month to stick to some rules and regulations, even though it’s hard, this is the way to win this month! Mars leaves Capricorn and its association with Saturn on May 4th. (remember this is Vedic Astrology, not the same as Tropical). Therefore, the next date for improvement is May 4th.

There is a Kala Sarpa Yoga going on at present. This is when all the planets are transiting on one side between Rahu and Ketu. This is only broken temporarily by the Moon every 2 weeks which obviously travels faster than other planets. This Kala Sarpa Yoga will end on May 29th when Mercury moves to the other side of the Nodes. A very important date for major improvement is May 29th.

Let’s be grateful for the Sun, that goes into its exaltation sign for a month beginning on April 13th. At that time the Sun enters the first constellation of Aries known as Ashvini, the Healing Nakshatra. A very good time to start a healing process. I have been gardening and offering Sun mantras and grateful to feel the powerful healing energy of Surya the Sun Planet.

There are indications that the virus might gain strength again in Autumn, but we will look into that later. Meanwhile, let’s build and balance our immune systems.

Astrology is a map of our karma, world karma as well as individual karma. However, we have free will to choose to improve ourselves, physically and spiritually so that when a difficult transit comes along, we can handle it with wisdom and equilibrium. No matter how good your Natal Chart is, you will always have some challenges because we are here to learn. There is a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter this Spring and later in the year. This indicates a lack of Dharma or Spiritual Principles. These principles are the same no matter which religion, race or country a person is from. They are about kindness, fairness, service and unconditional love. This includes kindness and protection to animals. Viruses and pandemics have often originated from animals kept in suffering conditions to be killed for food, not the animals flying free and healthy in their natural habitat. It is not just the uncleanliness but the negative frequency and fear, that can produce these outcomes, as everything is energy. Whether the Corona Virus came from a wet market in Wuhan, or has some other nefarious origin, it is still our Karma! We can therefore help ourselves and the world karma by not eating meat, especially at this time of making progress through disciplined action.

Good News About Venus

Fun, Creativity and Comfort is on the way!

In the middle of all the challenges we are facing, there is blessing from Venus. A planet, when transiting its own sign, is more powerful because it can ‘be itself’. Venus is doing just that! It will be in Taurus for almost four months. First let me remind you again that this is Vedic Astrology and Sidereal Zodiac. If you know your Vedic Chart and know which house is ruled by Taurus you will see an improvement in that area of life. If you have natal planets in Taurus, even more so!

Venus rules creativity, love, beauty, romance, the arts, luxuries and comforts etc. Influences from Venus actually help us feel gentle and kind to one another. Venus started its transit of Taurus on March 28th, will retrograde on May 13th, go direct on June 25th and leave Taurus on July 31st. During the retrograde phase it is best go back and look at what you are already working on and improve on it, not start a new project until it goes Direct. For example, if you have a creative endeavour, use Venus Retrograde to work out any imperfections then launch it or publish it after June 25th. The same works for relationships, Venus Retrograde is good for working to improve your relationships, receiving counselling and learning to love yourself so that you can love others.

I am thinking of all the amazing songs and music that will be written, works of art, stories and scripts that will be created while we are staying at home with Venus!

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