2020 Going Forward

Greetings and Well Wishes, here are some astrological points of interest for the next few months.

The second part of this year is going to continue to be challenging at times. Various kinds of upheavals are likely, apart from the virus, however it will all lead to positive change ahead!

There is good news if you have planets in the latter part of fire signs in your Vedic Natal Chart. Jupiter has retrograded back into Sagittarius. (remember this is Vedic Astrology, not Tropical Western Astrology and it is also where the planets really are transiting in the sky). Therefore, if your planets or angles of your Vedic chart are in Sagittarius, Aries or Leo from 20 degrees and on, you will be benefiting already from this Jupiter transit. Jupiter goes Direct on September 12th making it very powerful to do good, as Jupiter does! We can expect recoveries and less restrictions.

Mars is slowing down to Retrograde this year in its own sign of Aries. Mars enters the first Nakshatra or Constellation of Aries known as Ashvini on August 16th and will be there for three and a half weeks before retrograding back into Pisces.  This Nakshatra is ruled by the twin Celestial Physicians known as the Ashvinis, its symbol is the head of a horse, denoting to ‘move fast’ and also honey which is antiseptic and purifying. This transit of Mars can bring action and breakthroughs in health and healing. Unfortunately, slow moving Mars will be squaring stationary Saturn three times over this Autumn period and this produces harsh energy of upheavals including possible major storms and earthquakes.

There is a positive change in September regarding the Nodes; Rahu and Ketu. They travel in a backwards motion through the zodiac. Every 18 years, their transit of Gemini and Sagittarius produces major problems. Finally, on September 19th they are moving back to Taurus and Scorpio. The Russian Flu of 1889 – 1890 ended when Rahu got into Taurus. However, Jupiter was also aspecting Rahu at the time and Jupiter will do the same early next year.

Never underestimate the power of doing good and also cultivating higher consciousness at this time! Our combined positive energy and action improves the general karma even though we may sometimes feel the negativity overwhelming. I once asked my mother how they stayed positive or did fun things during the 2nd World War when they knew that so many were suffering. She said, as well as doing her part in service, which was decoding for the Admiralty in the City of Bath, she also knew the importance of keeping a positive morale. Her friend was depressed and anxious about the war, so on their days off from the Admiralty, my mum took her to have picnics by the River Avon. I have the old black and white pictures of this. Even a small action and kind words can change the energy for someone and then they also share the kindness and favours with others. Spread love not the virus!

To find out how these transits are affecting you and your own chart, you may contact Serena for a consultation. Email: Serena@vimana.org or call 310 335 5617