If you are wondering whatever is happening to the world at this time, here is a Vedic explanation of the times we are in:

What is Dharma and why is it low at this time?

In Vedic Astrology we know that there is a lack of Dharma at this time because of the coming Jupiter Saturn conjunction in Capricorn which will be exact on December 21st, this also happens to be Winter Solstice. This is because debilitated Jupiter is overcome by the stronger Saturn. The Solstice date makes it of even more significance. We have been seeing the effects of this conjunction already as these two planets came very close in the Spring and then they retrograded. After Jupiter passes this point it will gain strength again and those traits ruled by benevolent Jupiter such as wisdom, spirituality, abundance, honesty and trust will flourish again.

The planets do not control us, they simply show a map or path in life as a challenge to take action to improve and learn the lesson. An opportunity to live from our heart and Highest Self, especially when it is even harder to do so. The cycle that the whole world is in currently is a huge lesson for all of us as individual and collective souls.

Not Lost in Translation

The meaning of the Sanskrit word Dharma is impossible to translate using only one word! For the purpose of this article I will use a small ‘d’ and a capital ‘D’ to describe two ways to understand it.  In the western world we often use the word dharma to describe a person’s calling in life. It is this person’s dharma to be a healer and help people, this person’s dharma to be a talented artist and inspire people and so forth. The point being that their chosen field is also their ‘essence’ and their way to make spiritual progress. This is one understanding of dharma.

Dharma in a Universal sense is not temporary. It is the essence of all living beings. It has deeply profound meaning. It is sometimes referred to as the Principles of Religion but not in the sense of having a religion which makes you different from another person of another faith. A person can change their religion or can use it simply to improve their material life, in which case it would be referred to as ‘Kaitava dharma’. The Vedic description of Dharma is the ‘Eternal Truth’ or the ‘Universal Principles’ that is why as Vedic practitioners our path is called Sanatana Dharma, Sanatana means eternal.

What is the Soul’s Dharma?

Dharma cannot be separated from the object or the being. My teacher would give the example that the dharma of sugar is sweet or the dharma of fire is heat and light. The Dharma of living beings is Service. This powerful insight is explained in the Bhagavad Gita: that it is the nature of the soul to be active and to be engaged in service and in this way be connected to the Source, Divine Intelligence, God, or whichever name you prefer. Service is our essence and the key to Happiness and Wisdom.

Now back to what is happening in the world at this time. Dharma is diminished and therefore there is less focus on service and helping others. There is a lack of Truth, and the ultimate understanding that we, all living beings and the planet, are all connected. It is harder to practice kindness, mercy and truth at such a tumultuous time. This is typical for Kali Yuga, the age of hypocrisy and degradation that we are now in, but this 2020 conjunction has helped us see this more clearly. However, if we can stick to our dharma and Dharma we can still make tremendous progress!

This cycle will improve in 2021 and then, with more understanding, compassion and connectedness we can create positive change and gradually work towards a ‘mini’ Golden Age that was predicted in the Vedas to occur within the early part of this Kali Yuga.

You Might be an Angel for Someone!

Here is a true story: It was in the 1980s and I was in a miserable situation that I couldn’t get out of. I think I didn’t smile or laugh much at that time. One day I was in a shopping centre in Culver City, a girl was walking towards me, she was probably my age but at that time I felt older than I am now. She had dark brown wavey hair and a bag on her right shoulder, I can see it even though it was over 30 years ago. As she got nearer, she smiled an amazing beautiful smile, it was radiant! It was for me! We didn’t know each other, it’s as if she knew I needed the smile or perhaps she was giving me some of the amazing happiness that I would have in the future. I felt uplifted as she passed by, I turned to see where she was going and of course, she wasn’t there! Perhaps she moved quickly around the corner or into a store but I knew she was a helper angel.

We can all be ‘helper angels’ for each other, even by doing the simplest things. Small favours or compliments can be life changing. In this time of COVID we are wearing masks and can’t see each other smile, but at least we can get masks with hearts and kind words on them, to help to put others at ease. We can also wear and give Love Buttons, see www.lovebutton.org

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