Solar Eclipse then Solstice; rest, reflect and renewal.

Wishing you Warm and Well Wishes as we end this year of so many difficulties which have been indicated by some rare conjunctions, stations and retrogrades of major planets. The year culminates in a couple of astrological challenges to be aware of this month.

As usual, when noticing the transits, it is not necessarily on the exact day that a particular event happens, but leading up to the date and also afterwards. There is a Major Solar Eclipse this month on December 14th.  This can indicate changes depending on where it takes place in your own chart, or on a wider scale, the chart of a whole country. It is recommended not to start anything new or important on and around the eclipse days, as some understanding can be hidden or shadowed over. Spiritual practice, however is highly recommended and brings good results such as meditation, prayer, studies and service.

In a previous Astrological update, I shared about the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st, which this time has the rare occurrence of taking place at the exact debilitation point of Jupiter (5 degrees Capricorn in Vedic Astrology). It is also helpful to notice in which house this occurs in your natal chart and know that there may be some work and challenges in that area. Once this is over, as Jupiter moves forward faster than Saturn, Jupiterian influences will grow again, such as kindness, joy, financial growth, truth and harmony. Saturn in its own sign gives help to Jupiter and we will gradually see the benefits of this.

You will notice a theme in the December transits, the diminishing of the Light and all it stands for and then the returning of the Light. This is exactly what the Winter Solstice is! It is a perfect time to observe the ancient traditions of Yule, this year more than ever. Just as the seeds are deep in the earth awaiting the light to return, we can go within ourselves, meditate, visualise and be at peace knowing that this cycle will change. Do what we can for others, give gifts of love and healing, cook and share wholesome foods, bring light into our homes and be the Light for others.

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