Mars at last has entered its own sign! This is not exactly news from Mars but about Mars, we are happy to report that the fiery planet of action is now very much at home in its sign of Aries. In Vedic Astrology this just happened on Christmas Eve.

When a planet is in its own sign it brings out the powerful and favourable qualities of the planet. People who have Mars in Aries in their Natal Vedic Chart are active and like to get things done, especially short-term projects. They are independent, pioneering, generous and don’t like to sit still for long. This includes those born now and up until February 21st.

During the first 21 days of January, Mars is in the constellation called Ashvini. This section of the zodiac has the influence of the celestial physicians known as the Ashvinis. It is good for getting quick results in health and self-improvement. This is very good news for overcoming COVID. Mars creates action therefore we can expect a lot of energy, new discoveries and speed in helping the world with this issue.

In your own chart, this transit of Mars in Aries could be very energizing and will bring action in the house that it is transiting. However, challenges can also occur due to any hard aspects or conjunctions. We can all be aware that there will be a conjunction of Mars and Uranus on January 20th This is explosive energy so take it easy around that time.

In February Jupiter will start strongly aspecting Rahu and this is extremely beneficial for progress towards diminishing the virus.

Have a Happy, Healthy and Bright New Year!

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