The planet of Creativity, Harmony, Beauty, Love, Comforts and Happiness, Venus, just entered its own sign of Taurus. (remember this is Vedic Astrology and also Astronomy; the true position of the planets). Venus will be in Taurus until May 28th.

When a planet is in its own sign it is ‘at home’ and more powerful. Venus will also be travelling along with Mercury, the planet of communication, for most of the month as well. Mercury is a friend to Venus and does well in Taurus also.

What will happen?

It is a favourable month to focus on projects that have the attributes of Venus as listed above. Create and launch your website, go somewhere special with your partner, finish your art projects, make cosmetic appointments, practice kindness and charitable giving, connect with friends and appreciate arts and culture.

If you have natal planets in Taurus in your Vedic Chart, their influence will be enhanced by this transit.  Depending on which house is ruled by Taurus in your chart, you will receive benefits pertaining to that house. For example, if Taurus rules your tenth house of career, you may receive a promotion, more recognition and positive experiences at work and so forth.

If Venus is blessing you this month it is a good opportunity to share the love, abundance and blessings with those people or countries that still need our help to recover from the virus. There will likely be more concerts and cultural events for charitable causes.

We are now being benefited by the new transit of Jupiter. Jupiter has moved away from Saturn and is powerful as it is covering two constellations that represent prosperity, movement and healing.  If you have planets or points in early Aquarius in your Vedic Chart you will already be benefiting from this. More freedom of movement will transpire from Jupiter’s transit for the rest of the year.

Lunar Eclipse – May 26th

As you may already know, an eclipse is not the time to start anything new, unless it is of a spiritual or introspective nature, in which case it would be very positive. So, the ideas and projects I listed at the beginning are not to be started on or around the Lunar Eclipse of May 26th! However, a spiritual ceremony or healing retreat is helpful during eclipses.