Vedic Astrology Update:

The New Moon this month will be in the constellation of Punarvasu which means ‘Good Again’. It’s a good time for starting over on your plans and practices that improve health and also fix and repair situations that have become unfavourable. If you have been thinking of expanding your knowledge in a particular area this is a great time to sign up for classes. This cycle is also supportive for starting a garden, beginning to build a home or looking for a new home.  July 17th is the ‘New Moon on Monday’ if you’re old enough to remember that song.

 This month is also the Mars and Saturn opposition. It is what astrologers call the Push and Pull effect. You try to get ahead but then something gets in your way. Saturn’s position shows what to work on, it is in a constellation for health, again showing its good to focus on healing and remembering that natural methods take a bit of time but it’s worth it to be patient. In your own astrological chart Saturn will be in a particular house with aspects that indicate particular challenges you may have at this time; your Astrologer can help with explaining how long your cycle will last and the best way to take action. People who have a strong Mars and Saturn in their chart usually get a lot done. Focus, concentration and patience will win!

Venus Retrograde starts on July 23rd and goes to September the 4th.  A retrograde is when a planet appears to go backwards from our Earthly point of view. This has a strong influence. It helps us go back and pay attention to something from the past or something not completed. In this case all things that Venus rules. In the arts, we go back and perfect the project, whether a piece of art, a script, a song, a design project, we make improvements and wait until Venus is Direct to offer it to the world! In relationships we can focus on healing issues from past relationships so that we don’t bring our fears or bad habits into our present one. Typically, you might see a return of people from your past, such as old friendships. It will also be an excellent time for loving and caring for yourself especially if you have been neglecting yourself lately. Venus spending more time in a particular part of the sky means that it might be aspecting your personal planets for a longer time than usual, this can be amazing! Especially if Venus goes Direct while casting a favourable aspect for you. I have seen wonderful things happen for clients during such a transit.

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